Hands-on Service Onsite

Heat Exchanger Integrity Test

Helps to rest for cracks and pinholes to avoid contamination of products dues to contact of bacteria or chemical used in the heat exchanger. This will ensure that the products remain safe for consumption.

Field Balancing

Reduce unbalance to acceptable level to reduce noise due to vibration and prevent premature damage of parts such as bearings and related accessories.

Infrared Thermography

Helps to identify faults in electrical and mechanical components by showing the radiated energy in form of pictures. It was used to identify cause of frequent Vbelt damages which was due to rubbing on metal cover. Prevents electrocution and fire outbreak possibly caused by short circuit or loose connection in electrical panels.

Vibration Analysis

Routine inspection of machines to know the condition and trend to prevent a probable course of failure. All machine components and parts vibrates at different frequencies. Ability to identify these frequencies in the spectrum will give the likely cause of failure as the degradation increases. Some faults might require effective re-lubrication, shaft and belt alignment, balancing or replacement. This ensures that breakdowns are reduced to the barest minimum as it is possible to plan toward correcting the faults before breakdown occurs.

Shaft and Belt Alignment

precision alignment with the use of dual laser systems to prevent parts such as couplings and bearings getting damaged and reduce power consumption.