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Vibration Analysis

Rotating machines vibrate when they are in operation. The level of vibration provides early warning of a wide range of conditions such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness, damaged bearings etc. The level of vibration must be within an acceptable limit out of which needs to be checked and analysed to know the root-cause. Kistal offers the service as well as training with our partnership with Mobius Institute for Categories 1-IV. We have trained 33 students for CAT 1(16 students) and CAT 2 (17 students). Call for your training requirements today and we look forward to improving your team.

Infrared Thermography

Virtually everything gives off heat and IR thermography makes it possible to capture image and analyse the thermal information. The usefulness of IRT covers a very large field of troubleshooting problems be it cold or hot system. It can detect gas leak, burst pipe, electric motor running hot, electrical installation looseness, insulation losses etc. Kistal offers the service onsite as well as organise training via ITC certified trainers

Dynamic Field Balancing

Rotating driver or driven equipment working over a period can have their weight distribution affected by the centrifugal force, build-ups, loss of material etc. When this happens, higher vibration that normal is expected and once analysed to be the cause, the next action is to make effort to improve the mass distribution of the body so that it can rotate in its bearings without unbalance centrifugal forces. Kistal offers the service onsite with remarkable results for mono coupled, between bearings and overhung applications. Kistal can also arrange trainings for same with practical in the class.


This is a problem that has been known with machinery for more than a century and it informs the design of the self-aligning ball bearing which is the first from SKF. Alignment is achieved when the shaft centrelines are in line (colinear) in their operating state. Kistal offers the service onsite and also facilitate trainings as well using a demo rig for explanation.

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